About The Network

#UnitedChurchWithNoWallsNetwork is a network that supports the Local Church, Local Business, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles, Elders, Deacons, and those that carry the desire to see the community united for the sake of the city, county, state, nation and then to the nations. We feel there is a Nehemiah type rebuilding that is taking place. As we honor those that have gone before us and enter into their labor. We contend to have a local vision that leads to a global one.

Join the Movement

Joining is made simple. Do you carry a like hearted desire to reach people for the sake of community and service with the love of Jesus Christ while including all gender, race, age and ethnic background? Fill out the form, consider monthly financial partnership and join us!!!

Advanced Leadership Training

Through our weekly principles we raise up leaders that raise up leaders in ministry and business. Taking an individual from being a Student, to a Mentor, to a Leader then repeat in hopes that this


A group of non-profits and businesses come together monthly to reach people and the community. 

Evangelism Training

This Evangelism training program is designed to help eliminate barriers. Helping the 85% in the church get beyond these barriers is our “Power Alley.” While everyone in the church is invited and encouraged to attend, it is primarily for those that have barriers. It is in this context where the most growth happens during this training. We encourage you to promote this training to the 85% who may feel one or more of the above barriers.​

Nathan Johnson Ministries

Michelle Johnson Ministries

At Hand Ministry

Gateway Prophetic Ministry

Uptown Worship Nights

God's Outreach Ministry

Just His League

Take The City