Evangelism Training

Many times, when a church offers training on evangelism and outreach, many do not sign up because they don’t feel gifted in this area.

We have found that up to 85% of every day Christ followers experience some barrier when it comes to sharing their faith. They love Jesus and live their lives accordingly. They have friends, family, and neighbors they want 

to share Jesus with but don’t, for some reason or another.

The top 3 common barriers are:

1) Don’t want to be pushy
2) Don’t feel qualified to share 

3) Don’t know what to say

This Evangelism training program is designed to help eliminate these barriers. Helping the 85% in the church get beyond these barriers is our “Power Alley.” While everyone in the church is invited and encouraged to attend, it is primarily for those that have barriers. It is in this context where the most growth happens during this training. We encourage you to promote this training to the 85% who may feel one or more of the above barriers.​